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Global Digital Advertising Powerhouse Consistently Earns 9 Figures

Even the coronavirus pandemic has not stopped hardworking multi-millionaire Arham Muhammad from consistently earning a 9-figure income via his various ventures and businesses.

Arham Muhammad is the founder and CEO of a global digital advertising powerhouse, as well as several other businesses. All of these he built from inception to the 9-figure revenue-generating businesses they are today.

With the COVID-19 pandemic rendering many of the world’s businesses non-essential, most entrepreneurs and business owners have had to file for either bankruptcy or financial assistance. Yet there is one young entrepreneur from Pakistan who has not stopped working. “I know the world has been emotionally, physically, and mentally devastated by this pandemic. But I believe, now more than ever, in the importance of utilizing our mental grit. For centuries, we’ve been able to overcome situations much bigger than ourselves. I believe we will overcome this as well. Now is not the time to rest or sit at home. It is time to work harder than you have ever done.”

Wise words from someone who is only 28 years old. Arham is no stranger to working hard and overcoming challenging circumstances and hardships. “In a way, my tough upbringing, combined with a pretty traumatising childhood, made me strong in the face of adversity,” he said. “Struggle taught me how to face any obstacle head-on and overcome it, rather than being defined by it.”

Arham was only seven years old when he first discovered technology, taking apart electronics to understand how they worked. In his teens, he developed an interest-based social media platform called Zstash( “Back in the day, I dreamed of making millions with Zstash so that I could get out of poverty and buy a proper place for our family to live.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out, as Arham struggled to obtain his desired level of investment to implement his ambitious plans for Zstash. “It was particularly hard for a young, inexperienced person from Pakistan trying to gain a standing in the international market. I was often stereotyped, mistreated, or mistrusted and had to fight just for the ability to pitch my platform.”

Fortunately, Arham didn’t dwell on abandoning Zstash, and got right back to focusing on his goals. “I stopped working on Zstash in 2009. It wasn’t doing as well as I’d hoped, and I realized I had to move on to a business model that would work better. I founded my global digital advertising company in 2012, just as I turned 20.”

The years between 2010 and 2012 were particularly bitter for Arham as he had to leave school before graduating. “I was completely broke. My family could barely afford to pay rent and had no food for days. We had nothing to fall back on. But I knew that I couldn’t give up. ‘I will make it. I can do this. I have to!’ I kept telling myself.”

From his previous failures, Arham says, he learned the most, and that is perhaps why his media company became such a success. Soon after launching his new business, Arham started earning well. He grossed an average of $20,000 to $30,000 per day, and he soon found himself dealing with some of the biggest A-list celebrities and public figures. He has consistently generated 9-figure revenue and has brought in over $100M across multiple businesses since inception.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but it is true that hard work, dedicated, self-motivation, the drive to succeed, and sacrifice are needed to gain success,” noted Arham. “There is just no way around it. There are no shortcuts and no easy road to success.”

Looking back on everything Arham has achieved over the past 10 years, it is clear that he has sacrificed typical young adult activities in favour of hard work to have what he has today.

To learn more about Arham Muhammad, or to become a part of his businesses, contact him via his LinkedIn page at

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